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Meritorious Service Medal pic

Meritorious Service Medal
Image: usmilitary.about.com

A partner at Sentell Law Firm, Sherb Sentell III handles personal injury cases and wrongful death claims in Louisiana. Sherb Sentell III also serves his country as a United States Army Reserve Colonel and was recently awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in Bossier City.

First made available on January 16, 1969, the Meritorious Service Medal honors armed forces personnel for noncombat commendable achievements or services. The accolade has a history dating back to 1918, when General John Pershing first made a recommendation to have it authorized. However, it was not until the Vietnam War that the medal was approved by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Since 2011, the medal has been also been awarded to honor meritorious service in the global war on terrorism.

The focal point of the medal is an eagle with spread wings. The bird’s talons are tied to two curving laurel branches, which signify achievement. The background consists of a bronze star, representing military service, with six rays radiating from behind. Within the star are two additional engraved stars. The medal hangs from a ruby-red ribbon marked with a pair of white stripes, a variation of the Legion of Merit. The back of the medal is inscribed with “United Sates of America Meritorious Service.”



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