The United States Military’s Bronze Star Medal Award

January 27, 2017 § Leave a comment

Bronze Star Medal pic

Bronze Star Medal

United States Army Colonel Sherb Sentell currently serves as the Minden-Ward 1 City Judge for the city of Minden, Louisiana. Sherb Sentell has also had a successful career in the Army and received two Bronze Star Medals.

The Bronze Star Medal was authorized by former President Roosevelt on February 4, 1944, as an award meant to recognize members of all branches of the United States military for either heroism in combat or meritorious service. It is the fourth-highest honor of the individual military awards. The award was first conceived in 1943 by Colonel Russell P. “Red” Reeder, who saw the medal as a way to encourage service members in their efforts. The award may also be given to members of foreign armed services who have served with the United States, given the award’s relatively broad criteria for recipients.

The medal has the shape of a bronze star and can come with a few variations. If the medal contains a bronze “V,” the medal was awarded for an act of valor, or combat heroism. A medal without the “V” was received for meritorious service. In the Army, if any additional bronze medal awards are received, a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster is worn in their place.


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