What Is the Bronze Star Medal?

March 2, 2017 § Leave a comment


Bronze Star Medal pic

Bronze Star Medal
Image: thebalance.com

A graduate of Louisiana State University Law Center, Sherb Sentell serves as the elected Minden-Ward 1 City Judge and as a partner at Sentell Law Firm, LLC, in Minden, Louisiana. Sherb Sentell is also a Colonel in the United States Army Reserve with two combat tours and has been awarded two Bronze Star Medals.

The Bronze Star Medal is conferred to a member of the US armed forces who has served after December 6, 1941, and demonstrated heroic or meritorious achievement, excluding service in aerial flight. The award comes in three categories: Achievement, Merit, and Valor.

The medal itself is made of bronze and has a circumscribing width of 1.5 inches. Another 3/16-inch-wide star, also made of bronze, appears in the middle of the medal. The center line of the reverse side of the star reads, “Heroic or Meritorious Achievement,” with space available to engrave the awardee’s name.

Established in February 1944, the Bronze Star Medal is the fourth most important combat award available to members of the armed forces.


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